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Transformational Coaching

Small steps offers transformational coaching to help manage the curve balls of life. It can help you to find a way through challenges and times of uncertainty with clarity and intention. A coach works in partnership with you to help manage change, set goals and unlock potential.

Coaching is a collaborative process, which can be challenging and thought provoking. It allows you to delve deep into ideas, thoughts and cognitions enabling heightened self-awareness and clarity of thought. My aim is to give clients the space to consider their choices and thoughts making it possible for them to move forward with a regained sense of clarity and intention.

Why Small Steps?

Small is mighty.

Clients are often looking to change something in their lives, from switching career, finding a better work/life balance, gaining promotion, navigating the menopause or even running a marathon. These challenges can often seem overwhelming and intense leading to a lack of motivation culminating in stress and under achievement. Coaching can help to reassess your approach to challenges and change, breaking down ideas and thoughts into more manageable pieces.

Open and non-direct questions are at the core of Coaching, but there are other techniques that can be employed along the way if necessary and appropriate. Nothing is done without the permission of the client because it is your time and space. All I ask, is for you to approach sessions in a honest and open way and be willing to talk, explore, challenge and reflect on thoughts, ideas, perceptions and assumptions.

“Often, we do not fail because we lack motivation or desire, it’s because we try to do too much too soon and then fail and then our inner-critic steps up”

Getting started

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