the-coaching-process - smallsteps

The Coaching Process

Coaching follows a three step process. It can be strict or loose, depending on the subject and there are many tools and models that can be applied, which may or may not be necessary. Sessions usually last an hour, they are strictly confidential and can be carried out in person or online.

Step One - Contracting

While the content of each session can be fluid, it is important to start by verbally agreeing on the focus of each session. It is not uncommon for the focus to ebb and flow, but it is important to agree on a starting point.

Step Two - The Middle

This is where we explore your thoughts and insights through open questions and other techniques as appropriate.

Step Three - Reflection

This is time to reflect on the session, consider ideas to take away or set goals. We can also look at ways for you to be accountable for your goals, aims and objectives.